I had no clue how much electricity an average space gas furnace uses

Since I live in the south, the severity of our Winter time seasons vary from each year to the next. There are times where I can get by the entire year without needing any kind of indoor heat. But then there are winters where hot & cold temperatures get so low that I have no option however to use our condo’s gas furnace. When the oil furnace quit working last year & our task was split back on hours, I was really scared about how I would stay warm during the worst Winter time chilly snaps. I managed to get through the first Winter time with no oil furnace without noticing it too much. But then the hot & cold temperatures dipped the subsequent year. This left me in somewhat of a predicament. I could have spent the money to get a up-to-date central oil furnace, however for whatever reason I decided against it. Instead, I went to the hardware store & purchased a big space heater. I figured that I could actually heat portions of the condo with the space gas furnace without needing to spend thoUSnds of dollars on a up-to-date oil furnace. With this decision, I had no clue that I would be faced with enormous energy bills. My first electricity bill following the purchase of the space gas furnace saw a 20% increase from the prior week. This only worsened as the weather got colder & necessitated more use of the space heater. If I had purchased a up-to-date central oil furnace, I wouldn’t have had so much trouble retaining the heat in our house, & thus using a heat source less frequently. Zone controlled heating is tricky because your heat is always trying to disperse into the colder locales in your home. As such, the component will run a lot more than you guess it will to achieve the same effects as a central oil furnace. And thus the cost in energy expenses is much higher in the long term.


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