I had to have a shop shut down due to lack of air conditioning

It must have been more than a year since anyone had changed the air filters.

I’ve been a health inspector for multiple years, and already I have seen some of the most silly excuses for terrible health standards from steakhouse and food store owners abroad. Owning a steakhouse is a large deal, but not all owners see it for the daunting task it is, the way you care for your food, and your space, directly impacts the quality of the customer experience! As a health inspector, my task is to preserve that quality and hold it to the highest standard. The worst kind of site I properly visit are butcher shops, with so much raw meat in there, rigorous testing and inspections must be done on the air conditioner unit. The air conditioner unit is the centerpiece of a butcher shop. Without it, the shop could not exist due to the high temperatures spoiling the meat. I find that smaller butcher shops that experience less foot traffic will keep their air conditioner units at higher temperatures to save money. A butcher shop that I evaluated numerous months ago had such an old air conditioner unit that I found flies and lizards inside of the vents. It must have been more than a year since anyone had changed the air filters. The temperature was so warm in the shop that I had to scold the owner outside where the air was much cooler. A butcher shop is a site where you should walk in and freeze to death, not sweat! Aside from the air conditioner unit, that particular butcher shop had some additional health concerns that ultimately led to them being shut down. Keeping up with your air conditioner unit in your steakhouse is no joke, but it must be done for health and safety reasons.


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