I liked doing a fitness class

I recently did a girls trip and stayed at the nicest hotel ever.

The hotel cost so much money for a few mornings, but I feel it was worth it.

My room was about as big as my apartment. The bed was comfortable with really silky sheets. There was a big shower, deep soaking tub plus a separate area with a toilet. The hotel of course had a few pizzerias, tennis courts plus swimming pools. My number one area had to be the health plus fitness center. Calling it a gym is just too little of a word. The fitness center had every machine known to man. There was a separate room with bikes for a spin class. There was a yoga station, weights for physical training classes plus all sorts of treadmills. I ended up doing a group fitness class every day however. I realized that I woke up in time to do the yearly fitness class the hotel provided for no charge. I figured why not try it. It would be the only time I would get a chance to do a fitness class. Everyday the class was unique. I did a physical training class that was all weight lifting. The next day I did a hot yoga class plus our last day was a pole dancing class. I enjoyed every work out and the certified fitness experts were all great. After being pampered and utilizing such a great facility, I started looking for a gym back at home. I have found that core progression is a really close fit. They have all sorts of gear, personal trainers plus a wide variety of fitness classes available.



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