I love a pool based work out

I’ve realized that working out in a swimming pool is super beneficial.

While I’ve constantly liked to swim, I started using it for more than cooling off after I developed foot and joint problems.

I absolutely overdid the jogging plus jumping rope. My hips, knees, ankles plus feet got so sore that I had trouble getting out of bed in the day. It seemed that just walking around was harshly painful. I worried that I’d need to quit working out for a long period of time. I am lucky that my sister has a gorgeous inground swimming pool and lives less than 5 minutes away. She constantly welcomes me to use the pool! Since my sister is rarely at home, I get the pool all to myself. I bring my little speaker and blast music when I want. I start out by leisurely swimming laps to get warmed up. I then increase the pace of the laps to elevate my heart rate plus eventually switch to treading water for approximately 15 minutes. For the last portion of the work out, I go back and forth in the shallow end. Performing lunges and jumps, running and kicking is rather taxing in the water. The water provides resistance and increases the intensity without any damaging impact. It’s such a pleasurable workout that I worry I’m not burning enough calories or working those muscles hard enough. However, when I get out of the swimming pool, I can feel the deadness in my entire body. Since I’ve been working out in the pool every day, my feet and joints have steadily improved. I have far less pain now. I am hoping that by the time the weather turns cold, I’ll be able to get back to working out on land.

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