I met a really great guy last week who is a fireplace dealer

I ended up meeting a really great guy last week, and it just so happens that he is a fireplace dealer. I didn’t know that when I first met him, of course. I just thought that he was this cute guy in line in front of me at the grocery store. We started talking as we were loading up our groceries, and then he asked me out to dinner. I hadn’t been out to dinner in quite a while, and so I accepted. When he picked me up later that weekend, I started asking him about his job and family and stuff like that. He told me that when he first graduated from high school years ago, he had gone to a technical school a few counties over to get his HVAC certification. He completed that and went to work for a big HVAC corporation, where he worked for about ten years or so. Then he told me that just recently, he had left that particular company and started up his own business which specializes in fireplaces and fireplace accessories. I guess this guy knows absolutely everything that there is to know about fireplaces, whether they are gas or wood burning. He sells them, installs them, repairs them, and replaces them. I guess it’s a good thing to specialize in because I have never even heard of a fireplace store before he told me about his. He’s a nice guy and I think I will probably keep going out with him. I might even buy a new fireplace insert from him!

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