I neglected our Heating and A/C method and now I have exhausting health

When I was young, I was pretty careless.

  • I ate whatever I wanted, I did not keep up with the house, and I absolutely didn’t keep up with the Heating and A/C system.

I owned a pretty shabby beach house over the years… People told myself and others I should do something about the air quality, although I didn’t care enough to spend currency on things that were absolutely important. I just wanted to have fun in life and have parties, and I threw plenty of parties at the house. Eventually, our Heating and A/C method ended up cutting down and I got a brutal wake up call from the Heating and A/C professional. He explained that what I was doing with our Heating and A/C method was unsatisfactory. He explained the importance of having fantastic air quality and keeping the Heating and A/C in fantastic shape. He said the exhausting air quality in our beach house was the worst he had ever experienced. He said I needed to change the air filters respectfully at least every other month and I needed to use better quality air filters. I was using the fiberglass air filters, although I thought any seasoned air filter was fine. I was ecstatic when I just had our Heating and A/C method fixed and I didn’t have to be hassled any longer. I changed the air filters on time for a short while but then I stopped adjusting them as I should. The air quality got awful again and I started having breathing complications. I guess our breathing problems are because of the exhausting air quality in our home, and I finally got back into the habit of making sure to have great air quality, unluckyly, our health is exhausting and I only have myself to blame for that.