I never wanted to be in the HVAC industry for the money

When I decided to get into the HVAC industry, I didn’t do it for the money. I honestly just wanted to be able to help people out in whatever way I could. I just so happened to be good at working on HVAC systems. I love both heating and cooling systems and I think they should be considered essential. I have enjoyed helping people with their HVAC systems over the years, but I was a little bit bothered by the fact that people get charged so much for the HVAC repairs. I asked my boss sometimes if people who were struggling could get a break, but he never would budge. People always had to pay the full price and I thought it was ridiculous. Of course, I wasn’t the one running the business, so I didn’t understand the income needed to run a place like that, but I still mostly cared about the people. Eventually, I got my opportunity to help people out in a major way. It was through our church actually. The bishop was saying that there were a few families who were struggling with their HVAC systems and asked if I might be able to help in any way. He knew that I was an HVAC professional, and I was more than happy to try to help those people. They said they couldn’t afford to hire an HVAC professional and that really made me feel bad for them. I said I would do what I could. I was able to get one family’s HVAC system working again without requiring any new parts which was great. I didn’t charge them a thing, I just told them to stay blessed. The other family was even easier to help because they had dead batteries in the thermostat. I would like to continue helping people like this.

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