I really hate baking

I really, really hate baking.

Or really anything heat related. I have an extreme sensitivity to temperatures, with hot and cold temperatures, but I think hot is so much worse, since once you are hot, it is incredibly hard to become cool again. I discovered that whenever I open the stove, I am greeted with a hot wave of doom. Then after being stuck in the kitchen for over an hour, I stay hot for most of the day, and it’s horrible and embarrassing. I will literally be sitting next to my husband and I will have sweat dripping down my face. I hate it so much, and even after showering I still don’t feel completely normal. It’s not only baking, I really hate anything that causes me to become overheated, like hot summer days, I really hate summer as well. My husband is incredibly accommodating, and we take turns cooking, because he knows how much it stresses me out. To avoid being really overheated, I have modified my cooling unit to match my needs as much as possible. I had a HVAC technician come out, and we discussed how I could keep my house cool, even with the outside temperatures rising by the minute. The HVAC professional was incredibly professional and answered all of my questions. He also gave me tips on how to keep my HVAC bills down, but still getting the most of my A/C. He was incredibly helpful and with his advice I was able to get my home feeling great.

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