I save so much money on my utility bills

Moving into the far reaches of the state has really changed my perspective on things.

Geographically I am only about two hundred miles away from the city where I was born and raised, but it feels like worlds apart.

I never thought I would be a sucker for the grandeur of nature, but I have to admit I am hooked. This cabin is right on the edge of a huge lake, perfect for fishing if I ever learn how to fish. There are things I thought I would miss, things that I believed would be unbearable, that I don’t miss at all. The cabin doesn’t have air conditioning, and the only heater is a wood burning stove, and I thought that would be brutal. It turns out whoever first built this cabin was some kind of genius, and angled the house in such a way to capitalize on the winds for natural ventilation. The winds in this valley come in off the ocean and tend to run in a certain direction, so the ventilation system intake vents are geared to maximize this. I won’t lie, there are a lot of nights that I wish I could adjust a thermostat and make it a few degrees cooler, but overall this is a slight inconvenience, not a major issue. The inconvenience is offset by the fact my monthly utility bills are next to nothing because I am not paying for an energy-guzzling central HVAC system. I easily save 1200 to 1500 a year just by not having an air conditioner, and that’s a lot of money!

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