I tend to put everything off

I tend to put everything off; I’m actually a bad procrastinator.

This year, I did it again and it was not nice because I had put off getting our a/c took care of and worked on before the summer.

That’s not actually something that you should put off doing for too long because before you suppose it, the weather will be heating up love absurd and then you are going to be way too sizzling in a apartment with sub par indoor air conditions. That’s just how it goes during the summer time occasionally, though. I actually wish that I could have had all of this done already, but it’s our own fault, and that’s the truth, from the time I was a kid, I would always put things off from cleaning our room to doing our homework. I used to get into all kinds of trouble because of it, but for some reason, that hasn’t actually changed myself and others at all. I’m still exactly the same now as I used to be as far as procrastinating goes. I’m just as bad as I used to be and that’s the truth. I haven’t improved at all from the time I was a kid and now it’s affecting things love the indoor air conditions in our house. I really had the a/c maintenance appointment tied up this year love I was supposed to, and even then I still kept clicking snooze on our calendar app on our phone! I can’t know it, but now the weather is actually heating up and our a/c isn’t working well at all. It’s so aggravating!

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