I wanted a personal trainer before I went on a cruise.

I was planning on going on an ocean cruise for two full weeks.

My sisters and I were planning on using the cruise as a get-together.

We had all gotten married years before, and we ended up in different parts of the country. It had been years since the three of us had gotten together as the triplets we were. I didn’t want to show up as an out-of-shape old woman. I had four children and I worked from home. I made pastries and sold them out of a small shop that was in the front of our home. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I swore I wasn’t going to be the only fat sister of the triplets. I called the local gym and asked if they had a personal trainer I could work with. I was introduced to the personal trainer on my first trip to the gym. She came over and gave me a very quick look over. Till the personal trainer worked out my plan, I was tired just listening. I wasn’t sure I was going to get through the first workout let alone the next three months of workouts. She gave me a strict diet and told me that if I did everything she said, I will have dropped fifty pounds and be into the new bathing suit I talked about. I just wanted to look as good as my sisters. When I got onto the ship and my sisters started showing up, I almost laughed. I would have fit in better if I had never hired the personal trainer.

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