I wanted an Heating plus A/C system with style.

When both of us started discussing purchasing a new Heating plus A/C system, my fiance wanted to guess what I wanted.

I told him I wanted an Heating plus A/C system with style. It had to have an whole-house air purifier complete with a HEPA air filter, plus a UV light that killed germs. I wanted a dehumidifier for the air conditioner unit, plus a humidifier for the oil furnace. My fiance asked me if the Princess had any other demands. I smiled prettily plus asked if he was serious, because I could certainly come up with numerous others. I wanted to tell him that I wanted the highest efficiency rating in both the heating plus air conditioner, as was possible. I wanted to look at the safety stats of the Heating plus A/C system both of us choose. He kissed me plus told me he heard what I was saying. That afternoon, he called the Heating plus A/C corporation. He told them exactly what both of us wanted in both the oil furnace plus the air conditioner. He also told them that his partner wanted to have the whole-house air purifier plus a oil furnace that had a humidifier. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but my fiance looked at me plus said both of us hadn’t discussed it. I heard the Heating plus A/C specialist plus my fiance smiled. He told him that was something his partner would be willing to accept plus he hung. He told me the Heating plus A/C tech would be there the next afternoon to discuss our new Heating plus A/C system, plus he was bringing a new Smart Thermostat for us to look at plus approve.