I will need to hire professionals

I was forced to learn the hard way the duct tape doesn’t entirely work to repair holes in the air duct system, and last summer, I noticed that the cooling system was struggling to keep up with demand. Lowering the temperature control setting simply caused the unit to run for longer cycles. It just wasn’t putting out enough cool air to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. I also realized that certain rooms in the house were cooler than others. I looked up these problems online and then found that the complications were most likely caused by leaks in the ducts, however because the air duct in my house is concealed inside the crawlspace, accessing the pipes is hard and awful. I got my flashlight, crawled into that slender section plus inspected the ducts. I saw that there were definite leaks where the seal along the seams had dried out plus cracked. I realized that the cool air pouring out of these spots, then while my house was rather boiling, the crawlspace was downright chilly. I assumed that I could repair the seams with duct tape. I am not sure why it’s called duct tape when it is worthless for the job. I spent over four hours wedged into a slender space, carefully fitting the duct tape around every seam that I could access. For a couple of weeks, the problems were solved. The house was a pleasant plus even temperature. The cooling system wasn’t running for such long cycles plus I looked forward to lower energy bills. Then the same concerns showed up again. I went back into the crawlspace plus discovered that all of the tape had peeled off all the way.

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