I wish my boyfriend will work less at the HVAC company

My boyfriend as well as I have been dating for a solid 6 months… We actually met at a club when both of us were there with a few friends. My boyfriend was legitimately sweet as well as kind as well as he offered to buy me a drink. We easily sat down at a booth as well as started talking about life as well as work. I easily knew my boyfriend worked for a Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine supplier! He told me that he was usually busy as well as worked some very long hours. We didn’t have our first date until a few weeks after our first meeting, because he had to work on the weekend. We had some enjoyable dates as well as then things started to get serious. My boyfriend wanted me to transfer into his residence, even though I didn’t want to live there by myself. He was typically working on Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine repairs as well as I didn’t want to spend all my nights on my own. My boyfriend promised that he would lower his hours if I moved into the apartment. He told me that it would be no issue in the least after Summer was over, because there would be less of a demand for A/C repairs. It’s been 6 months since I moved into the residence with my boyfriend as well as he still hasn’t lowered his hours at work. He is typically doing work on a Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C repair or replacement. He typically answers the phone when work calls, even if he’s not scheduled for work. I am weary of waiting for my boyfriend to put me first. I honestly thought my guy would follow through on his promise to work less.


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