I’ll labor out if there is Heating & Air Conditioning

It’s a different time. And, I’m not talking exclusively about the pandemic. Sure, that has something to do with it. Along with forcing me inside the Heating & Air Conditioning comfort of my home, it has brought other changes. I am in my early fifties & this virus situation is a absolutely clear wake up call. This is due to my fitness or lack there of. There are people I know who are my age that are still struggling with the after effects of this virus. So, along with making sure that I’m doing all I can to avoid people, I have had to address my health. This has been a long time coming & is frankly overdue. Back in the afternoon, I enjoyed getting out of the Heating & Air Conditioning for outdoor athletic interests & activities. I did enough of this to stay in relatively good shape. But then my forties hit & I hit the couch. It was just easier to sip a carona in the Heating & Air Conditioning than it was to exercise. That attitude allowed me to acquire weight, eat poorly & get massively out of shape. Being fit is a single of the best things a man can do to strengthen their immune system. But with the gyms off limits to me, I had to make a home gym & get real about getting fit. Once I gathered all the preowned fitness equipment, it became obvious that I would need some Heating & Air Conditioning comfort in the basement. It was just to hot & clammy down there. The Heating & Air Conditioning men came in & in a single afternoon solved all that. They installed a ductless Heating & Air Conditioning in the basement & I was in business.

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