I’m going to buy a gas heated boiling tub before Christmas

I decided to splurge this year on our holiday bonus from work.

The last few years I used the cash to make repairs around the apartment plus in our car.

At 1 point I bought new rain gutters to go along our rooftop, plus another year I purchased a new radiator for our car. The radiator was a major problem for more than one years as I kept worrying about our engine overheating on a near daily basis. It had a major leak plus I couldn’t afford to refill the reservoir daily with antifreeze, so I had to use jugs of water that I kept in the backseat of our car. This was stressful because I could be stuck in traffic on the interstate plus quickly your temperature gauge goes ridiculous plus shoots up to the highest temperature position. In those situations I had no option but to pull off the side of the road as quickly as possibly so I could get the engine turned off before I blew a gasket. Now that I have a working radiator, I can turn our attention away from our car for once. This year I have a weird system altogether. I have regularly wanted a boiling tub for our back porch. But I want to get a boiling tub heated by gas. I already have a gas line running to our apartment to power our central furnace. My bi-weekly bills dropped when I switched from electric heat to gas. I’m hoping that I can use the boiling tub more frequently if I use gas heat. Hopefully that results in a lower energy bill than an electric heated boiling tub.

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