I’m looking forward to seeing this new guy again

My fiance plus I broke up just about a year ago.

  • I spent a long time kneeling at my property in my pajamas, eating ice cream plus binge watching Sex in the City.

Six weeks went by in a jiffy, plus then my friends started to intervene! They forced me to get out of the property plus they helped me set up an online dating profile so I could meet some new people. I didn’t want to get onboard plus I was reluctant at first, although I did meet some nice friends through the experience. My online profile hooked a great deal of gentlemen in the beginning, however most of them were total duds. After a month or more than one, I only received a couple of hits every once in a while… One of those gentlemen happened to be interesting, cute, plus funny, so I agreed to meet him for coffee. Our date was last Monday afternoon. The guy is completely cute plus surprisingly smart. He actually has a full-time job working at a Heating plus A/C service place. I never dated a guy that worked with his hands in a job like Heating plus A/C equipment repair. Most of my dates have university degrees, because I actually work in an office. This guy has his own car plus his own property. He made me laugh a good amount plus I had a really wonderful time. He works a ton at the Heating plus A/C service place so we didn’t have another date yet. The people I was with and I are trying to plan something for this following weekend. I don’t actually know if the guy is going to be my new man, although I feel really enthusiastic to see him again plus that’s a good thing.

a/c worker