I’m tired of all these late nights.

Whenever I turn around, my husband is calling to tell me he is going to be late for dinner.

A late dinner ends up being too late to even say good night to the kids. It is getting to the point where I am tired of all these late nights. I told him he really needed to find some time for his family. He yelled that it was his job and if we wanted a home of our own, I would need to just accept his late nights for a while. Today, I called the HVAC company. I figured he wouldn’t be home in time to take care of the air filter being changed, and calling to have the furnace serviced. When I talked to the woman who answered the phone, she told me she would call an HVAC technician. I told her there was no need to talk to an HVAC technician. I wanted her to set up an appointment for the first available HVAC tech to come to the house and service my furnace. That evening, I was waiting for the HVAC technician. He showed up at the exact time they set up the appointment for. He changed the air filter in my furnace and then he did the furnace service. We talked about all the things that needed to be done. He then asked why I couldn’t just wait for him to get home. I kissed his forehead and told him he should go upstairs and kiss the kids’ goodnight before he left to go back to work. When he told me I was his last call, I pulled out his dinner. I finally had my husband home early for a change.

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