It almost got out of hand

Having a regular fireplace takes a lot of care and all.

It isn’t like having one of those electric fireplaces or gas fireplaces.

With a regular fireplace you need to always make sure that the flames are not going too much. Because things could get out of hand if you have a really good fire going and somehow it blows slightly out of the fireplace from some kind of wind or something from outside coming down the chimney. This happened to me recently. I had the fireplace going and the flames started to drift a bit outside of the fireplace and off to the side. I was lucky that I was paying attention and seen it happening! I had to quickly put out the fire and see where the issue was coming from. It looked to have been coming from the upper end of the chimney. When the winds outside are this bad, it gets in. So this is where it is best not to use your fireplace and just turn on your central heating system if you have one of those. If you do not have central heating, then turn on your furnace or your portable space heater until the wind has passed. Then you could go head and light up your fireplace all over again once the wind has cleared. So just be extra careful when using an authentic real fireplace and it could be the best thing you ever experienced! They are much better than an electric fireplace or gas fireplace at the end of the day.

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