It took three tries to find a space heater

The first year of college is absolutely difficult for everyone.

Everyone of us decided to leave home for college and the first semester it rained nearly every single day.

Every one of us had a dormitory room that was at least a half a mile from our first morning class. It was always cold, chilly, and raining in the morning. My first three hour class was early and I usually spent most of the time in class shivering and freezing because my clothes were wet from the walk. Inside my dorm room I have very little control over the indoor temperatures. Every one of us barely get Warren from the heat, which seems to be set around 60 degrees. The building is very old and not well insulated. There’s a ton of cold air that Siege in under the window. My roommate and I decided to look for a space heater for the dormitory room. One space heater can actually warm a significant amount of space as long as it is small and enclosed. My roommate as well as myself looked in several different places, but the very first store we went to was the college and campus bookstore. The two of us believe the college in addition to campus bookstore would certainly have some type of space heater for the winter months. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a single thing and neither did the store that is on campus. My roommate in addition to myself had to take an Uber car to an off-campus location and on the third try we finally found a space heater for our dormitory room.