It was like having tv dinners delivered every week.

Several months ago, I got a piece of mail that caught my interest.

It was from a new meal delivery service.

They had over twenty fresh meals you could choose from that were prepared and all you had to do was microwave them. The first thought I had was that it would be like having tv dinners delivered to your home. I was never one for TV dinners, but my husband loved them. He liked being able to pull a meal out of the refrigerator and just pop it in the microwave when I was away on business. When I saw that piece of mail, I wanted to try this meal delivery service. The food sounded like it was going to be good and different from what we bought in the store. The first three boxes were ½ half, which was another impetus to try the meal delivery. Once the first box was delivered, I was eager to try out the food. I couldn’t believe the quality of the food that was in those packets. It had a delicious home-cooked flair, and it was filling. My husband told me it was every bit as good as what I cooked. Thanks to the new home food delivery service, we have one meal a week that I don’t need to cook. My husband looks forward to the meal delivery service because he has fresh meals that he doesn’t need to cook. I can’t believe how much money the meal delivery service has saved, or how much extra work of cooking and freezing meals before I need to go away for work.


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