It was too chilly to watch the movie

I invited a boy from class to see a movie last Sunday plus the date could not have gone worse.

I absolutely thought the two of us would have a fun time; She is cute plus smart plus funny in class.

I picked his up by the dorms plus the two of us went to the films. I chose a movie that he saw already plus the two of us had to pick something else suddenly. She chose a foreign movie that had subtitles plus I didn’t prefer a single minute of the flick; Of course, it was too chilly to watch the entire movie. I let the boy choose our seats plus he picked a row that was right under an AC vent. It was chilly in the theater before the movie started, however when the lights went down it got colder. The AC vent was turning out chilly air genuinely suddenly plus I had goosebumps all over our arms plus legs. I could tell that the boy was uncomfortable as well. She got up to use the bathroom plus disappeared for 20 minutes. When he came back to the theater, he didn’t say a single word about the long absence. Every one of us tried to finish the movie, but I eventually started to complain about the chilly atmosphere plus our seats are under the AC vent. She offered to transfer to a strange role, but I wasn’t having genuinely much fun. I decided to end the date or early so he could watch the rest of the movie plus I could go hang out with some friends.

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