It’s not worth the risk for my heater

It wasn’t too long ago that I walked right into a genuinely chilly house.

The winter time hadn’t actually hit full on quite yet but, the HVAC heat was kicking on and off.

It was quite evident that the oil furnace should have been on that day. I checked to make sure that the HVAC system was getting electricity. That checked out but I couldn’t get the furnace to come on. Once I looked a bit closer, I thought I saw an area that appeared to be burned out. This when I should have stopped as well as called the HVAC professionals. Instead, I decided that maybe I could pull the area out and substitute it myself. This is what I decided to do. It wasn’t too hard to find the area that looked similar in the hardware store. By the time I got home, I had the HVAC up and heating within minutes. I thought I had just saved myself on an HVAC service call. Little did I know that I, in fact, had just incurred a huge HVAC cost for myself. The oil furnace shut down again a few days later but this time with much more drama and noise. I called the heating and A/C people and they came out, but it was not good news. The area I substituted was inferior and had failed badly which led to the core of the oil furnace to crack. I had ruined the oil furnace and by doing the work on it I did, I had voided the warranty as well. The cost of replacing the HVAC unit all fell on me as well as I promise you, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

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