Keeping fit despite sedentary job

My job has me spending approximately eight hours per weekday working on my computer. I stare at a monitor and type on a keyboard. While I am fortunate that I can handle my job responsibilities from anywhere with internet connection, there are some drawbacks. My tasks are entirely sedentary. While I make an effort to get up and stretch every couple of hours, my muscles tend to tighten up. I understand the importance of remaining physically active. I don’t want to gain weight, sacrifice strength or suffer needless health ailments. I hope to counteract the drawbacks of my type of job by making fitness a priority. First thing every morning, I spend an hour working out. It feels so good to warm up my body, stretch my limbs and rotate all of my joints. I devote at least thirty minutes to high impact aerobics. I include strength training exercises utilizing high repetition with relative light weights. I target everything from biceps and triceps to the trapezius muscles. I always complete lots of different styles of abdominal crunches, squats, lunges, burpees and mountain climbers. On the weekends, I try to find activities that get me out and about. Rather than sit on the couch and watch television, I go for a bike ride, take a walk, do some yard work or take my kayak out on the lake. I often head to the gym and participate in group fitness classes. I’m also very conscientious about my eating habits, sleep patterns and the amount of water I drink. Because I keep myself strong and healthy, I am more productive at work.