Keeping the air clean with HVAC filtration

I’m doing just about anything that I can do to help our situation.

The pandemic has forced us inside the HVAC of our home. As a family, we have never faced this much time together and certainly not under such dire circumstances. But honestly, I think we are holding up pretty well. Both my wife and I kissed our perfectly HVAC controlled offices goodbye when all this started. It was remotely working from home which I think will continue for long time. My company is already considering not renewing the lease on our office space. That’s ashame because I loved that office. I even had my own HVAC thermostat. But, I can’t really blame them. That money could be used in a much more important way. The kids are also home most of the day. They are homeschooling this year. It’s not that big a deal. My wife and I trade off through the day monitoring them and helping where we can. With all of us inside the HVAC, I wanted to up our air filter game. Actually, I should have done this some time ago but, I just didn’t. The cheap HVAC air filters are what I have always chose because well, they’re cheap. In the name of better air quality and a healthy immune system, I recently upgraded the air filter. I chose a HEPA type filter that removes over 99 percent of airborne contaminants. I was amazed by the difference it made. The air is just cleaner. I’m not the only one, my kids couldn’t believe the difference and my wife says it makes the air even smell better. It was absolutely worth the extra cost to get the HEPA type air filter.

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