Last year our air conditioning tore up

Last year, right about the same time that the weather started heating up, our air conditioning tore up.

That’s really not surprising, based on the luck that I usually have. It seems like for me, things that can go wrong usually do! I don’t know about you, but when it comes to things in my house like the plumbing, the electrical system, and our heating and cooling system, something is always in need of repair work. I don’t know if we ended up with a lemon of a house or what, but I feel like I am always spending all of my extra money on home repairs! Last year, spring was on its way out and the summer was on its way in. I was really excited, because usually summer is my very favorite time of the year. I love the sunshine and the beach and spending a lot of time outside. However, I also like being able to come back inside and get cooled off with our central air conditioning system. In the summer when it’s hot outside, we usually keep the thermostat turned down to about 65 degrees. We are a family that definitely loves using the A/C during the summer. Anyway, just as soon as it started to get hot outside, I turned on the A/C for the first time that year. That’s when black smoke came out of the air conditioning vent in the hallway by the thermostat unit! I turned the whole thing off and called the HVAC company. Of course, we found out that the A/C was broken and it was just in time for the summer.

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