Leaving air conditioner maintenance for last

Last Saturday was my chance to catch up on maintenance around the house.

A whole bunch of our appliances needed annual service and quite a few of them weren’t working properly. I started by not only cleaning the lint trap on the dryer but taking apart the whole venting mechanism. I was unpleasantly surprised by the amount of lint, hair and debris clogging the system. Because of this, the job was a lot more tedious and took a great deal longer than I anticipated. I then turned my attention to our keurig coffee maker. For the past several weeks it had only put out super teeny cups of coffee. After removing the scale deposits didn’t work, I had to take the appliance apart. This required the removal of two tiny screws that were nearly impossible to access. Although I managed to fix the coffee maker, the process was extremely frustrating and time-consuming. I then proceeded to drain the hot water heater, clean the aerators on all of the faucets and take apart and remove the buildup of hair inside the vacuum cleaner. The next job was servicing the air conditioner. I procrastinated over the cooling unit and left it until last because I expected it to be the worst of my tasks. I was already tired and miserable before I even started. I googled a video on how to handle the upkeep of my particular model of air conditioner and went ahead and took the system apart. I found a disgusting amount of algae and mold clogging the condensate drain. There was a lot of dust coating the cooling coil. Although the entire job of servicing the air conditioner took me several hours, I felt good about what I accomplished. The air conditioner then started right up and I can be certain it’s running at maximum efficiency and capacity.


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