Loving my house again after HVAC upgrade

I have spent the last several years really not enjoying living in my house.

That is a strong statement for sure.

If you own a house, you should at least enjoy living in it. And my house is great. It’s modern, well appointed and very comfortable. But due to the smell of the indoor air, I just didn’t like being in there. It’s been this way since we moved here. I come from a region where there are a lot more days in the spring, fall and even summer where I could open a window. That is not the case in this region. And I missed that fresh air something fierce. Due to the fact that the HVAC cooling is running, to one degree or another, 8 months out of the year, I can’t air out the house. In fact, the house is very tightly sealed in order to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC cooling. So this means pet, cooking and any other odors just get recycled by the HVAC equipment. This just wouldn’t do anymore. My husband and I both attempted deodorizing the house with every method we came across. But the results were always the same and the air just stunk. So we reached out to the HVAC company and they had the answer. We now have a whole home air purification system. This thing zaps all the bacteria in the air that cause odors. Our house now smells so fresh and clean that I don’t even want to leave it to go to work!

a/c set up