Making heating and cooling replaces to older home

My house was constructed sometime in the mid 1780’s and is nearly 3000 square feet.

It has several foot ceilings, giant windows and the original hardwood floors.

When all of us moved in, the house was just about impossible to heat and cool, however not only was the oil furnace and a/c severely outdated, however the ductwork was full of holes and leaks at the seams. The windows were single pane, painted shut and allowed drafts inside. None of the exterior doors shut tight, allowing outside air to come in and heated/cooled air to escape. There was no insulation in the walls, ceilings or attic. It has taken us nearly several years to make all of the necessary improvements to the thermal envelope. There are 25 windows in the house and they all needed to be replaced, and most of them are unfamiliar sizes and required special order. The expense added up actually abruptly. The walls and ceilings in the house were the original plaster and lathe. Many of them were cracked and crumbling; One by a single, all of us gutted every single room in the house, chopping down to the studs. This allowed us to replace electric lines, plumbing pipes and ductwork. It gave us the option to carefully and thoroughly insulated. The two of us took out a home improvement loan to replace the old oil furnace and a/c and spent extra to get a high efficiency, variable speed system. The current heating and cooling idea allowed us to take advantage of zone control. The two of us now have independent control units in each room, providing the ability to customize temperature. We’re no longer required to maintain perfect comfort in unoccupied areas.


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