Making the home more modern

I have no partner or kids plus I am 27 years old, then i work totally from house plus I make a nice salary, but a lot of people believe terrible for myself and others plus I suppose they wonder what I do with myself, what I do in my free time is replace my house.

I purchased a falling down house on a crucial rue of land.

I have the money plus the time. I go room to room in my home making replaces, and my program is to hopefully have a fully renovated, amazing home plus then meet the man of my dreams! Right now I am just enjoying the replaces! Every room can use some help. I don’t spare any expense since I am taking my time with it. My study room I ripped up the existing rug plus got brick floors. The popcorn ceiling was scrapped, mudded plus sanded to look smooth plus colorless. I got a modern light fixture, better HVAC vent covers plus switch plants. I even painted my door plus got a nicer handle, and for every room I do, I also add heated flooring. I am redoing the floor in every room anway. I figured it was a nice replace to make; So far all the study rooms, office plus study room have heated flooring. I just need to gut my bathrooms plus living room, but once the whole house has this furnace, I can get rid of my central HVAC plan. I want to close up the HVAC duct plus get perhaps high velocity A/C instead. I think it will be a better HVAC program plus be more with the times.

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