Mold in my apartment

I think that I am going to have my air ducts replaced to be honest

I am such a clean freak. I have always been this way since I was a little kid, but I think that is because my parents didn’t really keep the house clean. I don’t mean anything bad towards my parents, but they weren’t great at keeping the house clean. So since I grew up in a house that was always a mess, I have just always made sure that my house is always clean. So imagine my surprise when I found out from my HVAC tech that I have mold growing in air ducts. The HVAC tech told me that it was one of the first infestations of mold that he had ever seen. I was so upset because I pride myself on keeping things clean and this was really not what I had in mind. So of course the HVAC tech told me that I needed to have my air ducts deep cleaned. I didn’t even care how much money it was going to cost because I needed to make sure that I got all of the mold out of the air ducts. I think that I am going to have my air ducts replaced to be honest. I know that having my air ducts replaced is the only real way to ensure that the mold problem is completely gone and I can sleep again at night knowing that there isn’t mold in my house that could make me sick.

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