My animal wasn't doing anything wrong

My animal and I were walking down the street 1 day and I was approached by an Heating & A/C repair person.

The guy was looking for instruction to an address in the town.

I tried to explain the respected route, however our animal was acting actually miserable. I provided the guy some nice instruction and our animal calmed down after the Heating & A/C truck disappeared. A few minutes later, the same truck pulled up next to myself and others again. This time the driver of the truck wanted myself and others to hop in and give him step-by-step instruction. I thought it was actually weird that the Heating & A/C repair person wanted myself and others to give him instruction. I refused to get into the truck and our animal started barking, growling, and snarling. I told the Heating & A/C specialist that our animal might bite him if he didn’t leave. My animal wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I wanted the guy to be scared. He was acting creepy. When I got home, I told our mom about the Heating & A/C repair person. She asked myself and others to describe the guy. That’s when I found out that the creepy guy driving the truck wasn’t an Heating & A/C repairman at all. The guy was wanted by the police. I was lucky that our animal was with myself and others on the walk. Sparky knew the man was disappointing news and that was the reason why he was growling and making snarling sounds. My animal was doing the right thing. He was alerting myself and others of danger and giving myself and others the occasion to run away and get some help.

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