My best friend enjoys fixing Heating & A/C units

My best friend enjoys fixing Heating & A/C units… It all started a few years ago when his mom’s window air conditioner stopped toiling… He wanted to help out his mom since his dad had passed away a few years before.

He determined to repair her window air conditioner without making her spend money a dime for it. He brought the window air conditioner over to our house & asked me if I had any Heating & A/C experience or could at least help him figure out what was wrong with the air conditioner. I had no idea how to repair anything on an air conditioner, despite the fact that I decided I would do our best to help him, we took the air conditioner apart, & I hardly even said or did anything, however fixing the air conditioner seemed to come so naturally to our friend & he figured out what the concern was with the air conditioner & fixed it quickly, after that he fell in love with fixing all things Heating & A/C. he didn’t just stop with that air conditioner, the next month he fixed his Grandma’s gas furnace system, & then he came over & fixed our central air conditioner for no charge. He quickly figured out that he had a passion for Heating & A/C mechanics, & decided to go to a local university for an Heating & A/C degree. Although he didn’t appreciate the category of work he did in university, our friend did really well & graduated with straight A’s. he quickly got a job at a local heating & cooling corporation & was absolutely successful! You never think what you might love doing until you put your mind to it.

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