My heat pump is blowing cold air even when in heating mode

Thankfully, with his expertise in HVAC repairs, we were covered

My mother was always particular about the level of warmth she expected in her house during winter. She was never one to tolerate discomfort, especially when it comes to cold. I learned a lot from her, and I am always proud of never settling for less, especially when I can do something about it. So one time in winter, my family and I visited our holiday home. We looked forward to spending time together since it had been a while since we all shared a good time as a family. Everyone had grown so busy after becoming adults and having their own families that there was never enough time to meet and share a great family moment. However, this holiday, we all proposed to come together for mama’s sake as she was getting old. We chose winter since most of us would not be busy, and we knew that our family home was the warmest anyway. Unfortunately, and to the dismay of all of us, the house was cold. For some reason, the heat pump blew in cold air despite being switched on. My little brother checked the heat pump and discovered that it was running in the air conditioning mode. Thankfully, with his expertise in HVAC repairs, we were covered. He could reverse the malfunction and restore the house to the comfort level we were all used to. He checked the outdoor unit to confirm that there was no ice build-up around the outdoor unit. We were so lucky to have an HVAC specialist in our midst, as this meant having all related issues sorted out fast.

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