My neighbor was so thoughtful to bring myself and others a UV air purification system with some HEPA air filters

I constantly love it when people come over unexpectedly.

Some people actually don’t like that because they might have to scrub up in a hurry for their unexpected supplier, but I constantly keep my apartment clean. I love to vacuum & dust properly & I constantly make sure that my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system is running in tip-top shape. I also make sure to have my HVAC duct cleaned out properly because I’m crucial about keeping nice air quality in my home. I remember there was a time when I had a problem with dust collecting & that’s when I l received that it was because of the HVAC duct system not being cleaned, however ever since that time, I have had my HVAC duct cleaned every single year & I never have to worry about dust building up in my apartment any longer. Well, recently a neighbor came to visit & I was so glad to see her. As I was brewing us some tea, I l received that he brought myself and others a few gifts. It’s nice enough just getting 1 gift, but a few, this entirely made my day! She got myself and others a current UV air purification system & a box of HEPA air filters. She told myself and others how he remembered how much I love having nice air quality, & he thought I would enjoy the UV air purification system because it also kills germs with the UV light. The HEPA air filters were fantastic because they pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air. I instantly swapped out my ancient air filter for a HEPA air filter, & the air quality improved within the hour!


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