My old friend took up some work around my residence

My old pal Bob is easily hoping to do some work around the residence for me.

He’s a handy guy, in the general sense I suppose, plus I know he has a background in it.

I’m still not sure though. I actually have known Bob since fifth grade, when both of us sat next to each other during math class. Both of us totally failed that class, and that was because of fooling with each other. We sat next to each other in summer school that year. I got my act together, however Bob never really did. I teach spanish classes to foreign students over Zoom these days, plus Bob is in between construction tasks pretty much. I trust him with hanging new doors plus fixing the drywall, things of that nature, however something like swimming pool construction is not his strong suit. He has worked construction tasks of one kind or another for most of his years, so he has experience, however is it the right kind of experience? The reason he has worked all manner of construction tasks is that he keeps getting fired plus has to carry on to another one. It’s not like he is a general contractor simply waiting for his next task, he’s a former carpenter turned roofer turned landscaper who keeps getting canned for being drunk during his work. So I will give him a little bit of easier work, to help him out because I know he’s having a pretty rough time. I’m definitely going to save all the legit construction work for a perfectly legit construction supplier… When I get a swimming pool, I want it to be super nice.

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