My sister thought we should purchase a printing machine.

My sister and I had thought about starting our own t-shirt printing company.

We had been creating our own designs that people had loved.

Over the last year, the orders for our designer t-shirts had been increasing, and we needed something bigger. We had heard of a company that offered used equipment so we could continue our printing services. We looked into different companies with used equipment so we could get a good deal. After weeks of trying to find the perfect used equipment for the space we had, our mother told us we should check into used equipment on Ebay. I would have never thought we could find what we were looking for on Ebay. It shocked me to find out that there was a myriad of used equipment available. There were different makes and models. Many of them were from companies we had never heard, while other used equipment came from some major manufacturers. We found a small Epson printing machine that was perfect for our printing service. I would have never believed we could have our own t-shirt printing company. When the printing machine was delivered, we couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and check it out. I looked at the box and thought it looked a bit small for what we wanted, but I didn’t say anything. I looked closely at the printer as we pulled it out and I couldn’t help but laugh. Instead of it being an Epson printing machine for t-shirts, it was an Epson printer for paper. I knew we got too good of a deal on the printer.


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