My sister’s apartment always stinks like grease

My sister’s apartment somehow always stinks like leftover grease and I guess it’s because she’s always cooking things like chicken wings and greasy hamburgers… First of all, those aren’t the healthiest things for her to be cooking for herself and for her family, but I’m not trying to tell her what to cook all the time, and i would just like for her to address the fact that the indoor air quality in her apartment is just terrible.

  • I guess that she loves her health and the health of her family, so it’s odd that she hasn’t already addressed the indoor air quality situation already, but maybe it’s just 1 of those things where since she lives there all the time, she has just gone nose blind to the stink that’s permeating the ductworks in her house.

I don’t know, and I don’t honestly want to be mean to her or anything, however it sure is aggravating. I don’t even like going over there to visit or hang out much at all because of it. I told her that maybe she should talk to 1 of the local Heating and Air Conditioning companies about the situation. I guess that there are unusual ways to deal with things like this, and she could get her air vents and ductwork professionally cleaned, for 1 thing! There are also these things called whole beach apartment air purification systems that you can install to run in tandem with your existing heating and cooling system. I guess that’s honestly what my sister should do, even though I don’t want to come off as being all pushy and bossy. She always accuses me of that anyway, since I’m her older sister!

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