My whole routine is a mess

I am a really routine based gal.

I am used to getting up early, doing my group fitness class, going to work, running errands afterwards plus then just being home. Everyday is basically the same and I love it. Now because of the pandemic, our whole routine is thrown off. I now work totally on my computer plus don’t need to drive into the office. What sucks is that near our office is the core progression gym, grocery store, bank and post office. So now I have been slacking on my workouts and running errands. I don’t have enough time to drive to our fitness class plus go back home to be at our desk at the right time for work. I either need to do a new time or a new day for my fitness class. What would be ideal is driving out after work, doing a fitness class plus then getting my groceries. I could adjust to that routine. The only thing stopping me is the class provided is a different one and run by a new personal trainer. I do a yoga class in the morning with Penny. The after work fitness class is a weight lifting class instructed by Ron. I don’t know how I feel about weightlifting for a workout. On 1 hand, I have never lifted weights before in our life. My arms could use a little muscle. On the other hand, I don’t know I will be stretching or getting much cardio doing his class.


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