My wife and I fought a lot when we first met

It’s kind of funny how things started with my wife and I.

We met each other working at the same job, but we didn’t really get along at first. At least that’s what it seemed like. We would always have something to fight about, like I did a batch of work incorrectly and I needed to fix it. I would go over everything and tell her that I didn’t mess anything up at all. We would always go back and forth with things like that. We actually had a lot of mutual friends and so we would go to a lot of the same parties. Well, this one particular holiday season, all of our friends and family were out of town and that left just the two of us with no plans for a holiday party. We ended up agreeing to just enjoy a holiday party together as friends. We had this little get together at my house and she was impressed that I had a fireplace in my home. We got a fire going in the fireplace and I prepared some steak dinner for us. I even popped open a fine bottle of aged wine and we ended up getting along very well. Since we were not at work, it seemed like we had nothing to really fight about. We were able to enjoy one another’s company with the perfect temperature control settings. I believe the wine and fireplace completely set the mood for us. Honestly, I didn’t plan things like that and she’s the last person I ever thought I’d fall in love with, but that’s how things happened.



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