My wife had a better idea than spending all my money on radiant heated floors

I actually owned my home for a few years before I met my wife.

I honestly had a goal to save money for radiant heated floors.

I always wanted to have that type of heating system and I actually did save up enough money. The thing is, I met the most wonderful woman who I wanted to impress. I was so happy when we were eventually married and living together in my place. When I talked to her about my plans for the radiant heated floors, she said it sounded nice. The thing is, she had another idea that I heard her out on. She asked me why not go for a ductless mini split. She said you can get the DIY models and install this type of HVAC without professional assistance. She told me that her brother actually installed his own ductless mini split. They have built in air purification and they allow for HVAC zone control if you go for the multi zone systems. The amount I would save on the installation was very tempting and then we would be able to use the money for something else. I ended up learning how to install a ductless mini split with the help of my wife’s brother and it was so much easier than I expected. It’s a very comfortable HVAC system and it should last a good 20 years or so. So with the money, I ended up buying an old school car I always wanted, an Infiniti G35. I got my wife a nice car too and I used the rest of my money to invest in cryptocurrency and I already have tripled the money I invested.



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