My wife’s dad used to fix things around the house

Back when my wife was growing up, her dad used to teach her and her brother how to fix all kinds of things.

However, my dad never taught me how to fix anything! I guess our dads were exact opposites, because my wife knows how to change the oil in her car, change the air filters in the HVAC system, and fix the toilet.

I, on the other hand, don’t know how to do anything at all. It’s really quite embarrassing sometimes, to tell you the truth. Sometimes I feel like I should know how to do more things than I do. But the good news is that my wife actually knows how to do just about everything around the house. When I think of all of the money that she has saved us by knowing how to fix things like the heating and the air conditioning system, it really makes me even more glad that I married her. She’s always checking things around the house and doing regular maintenance work and upgrades around the house and it’s nice to know that someone is doing it because it’s definitely not me! Last week, our air conditioning system stopped working and I thought that we were going to end up paying a fortune to our local HVAC company to get it fixed. However, my wife watched a couple of videos online and she ended up being able to fix it herself without too much of a problem. I guess I should be really thankful to my father-in-law for teaching her so many things when she was growing up!

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