Need to make the tough HVAC decision

When it comes to making crucial decisions, I tend to overthink it.

  • The weight of the decision forces me into weighing just about every possible risk and benefit.

Then, I consider every possible solution or problem with those solutions. It gets to be a bit of a maddening cycle. The latest thing that has caused me to get in this headspace is the HVAC. We always get the HVAC inspected and maintained on a seasonal basis. Our awesome HVAC tech told me that we need to start considering replacing the HVAC. And this was nearly a year ago. While I did start a separate savings account because I totally trust the HVAC company we use, I haven’t done much else. Well, that isn’t quite true. I have gone to all my friends, colleagues, family and even a few strangers to get their input on upgrading the HVAC. This has resulted in me just being frozen and not doing anything. I do look and research the different models. However, I really haven’t ever considered HVAC equipment before. Mostly, I don’t really know what I’m looking at. And when I try to learn all the technical stuff to help me figure this out, it just gets that much more confusing. Fortunately, my wife had about enough of this and wasn’t about to have no plan when the HVAC decided to finally quit for good. She called an HVAC contractor and set an appointment. It was the best thing she could have done. Thank God I married her. The HVAC contractor was able to hear our concerns and match those with real HVAC options.

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