New business needs cleaning service

My dad told me that if I was lucky enough to get paid to do what I loved then I would be a very happy man.

He told me that it wouldn’t be so much a job as a passion.

Those words truly sunk in for me because that is exactly what I am doing now. And it all started because my partners and I just wanted to do our own thing. Now, we are looking to do stuff like hire a commercial cleaning service. It all came together when we came together over a shared interest. While it wasn’t our first thought to turn our passion into a business, we were all very ready to get rid of our day jobs as well. So we kept at it and before long we actually had to rent out a space. Initially we did all the carpet cleaning and the other janitorial services. However, as the company continued to grow, doing this just wasn’t sustainable. Plus, we were making enough money to not have to me our own cleaning lady anymore. That was sort of an interesting turning point for me. I don’t know why but hiring a commercial cleaning service put a fine point on the fact that we were actually in business. Well, it’s been a year now and our company continues to succeed and grow. However, it sure is nice not to have to do floor stripping and waxing after a long week fo work. I’m very glad to have given up those duties to the professionals. And we are really pleased with the results of our commercial cleaning service.


Floor cleaning business