Not doing it the healthy way

My best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks and wants to be in shape for the ceremony.

She has not been going about it very well.

She doesn’t work out, only watches what she eats. She counts what calories she takes in, drinks a lot of juices and fasts every now plus then. Her eating habits are worse than ever. She every now plus then falls off the wagon plus just binges snacks or something else high in fat. Another issue is that not being physical isn’t going to get her in great shape. Being thin is not enough, I think. Stop eating and you will be small, but don’t you want to look good? I have been trying to encourage my friend to try a group fitness class at the core progression near me… Each class is led by a certified fitness expert. The class does cardio, weight training, balance training and stretching all in a one hour class! You can decide how many times a week you go. I am willing to do a fitness class numerous days a week with my friend. Being physical should certainly help her lose the weight. Also, the fitness class helps you tone and build muscle. That can’t be a negative thing. I recently found that the core progression gym does offer nutritional counseling too. So if she wanted further to be healthy, she could talk to a professional plus get a health plan. I bet she could eat right and not starve herself. Calorie counting and fasting is not a reliable weight loss tactic.



Group Physical Training Classes