Not going back to gym now that I have HVAC in the basement

My wife and I chose to get after it a bit a few years back when it came to our health.

We were nearing our mid forties and years of sitting in the air conditioning and eating too much was evident.

We were overweight, out of shape and just not very healthy. I think we sort of came to it at the same time really. It all started when we chose to get out of the heating and cooling comfort of our living room after work. This had been our ritual for years. We came home, changed into comfy clothes, tuned in the thermostat setting, had a happy hour in the air conditioning and then ate too much for dinner. So we changed it up by simply going for a walk when we got home. From there, we tackled our diet and began making improvements there as well. Before too long, we felt better and were not nearly as overweight. At this point, we joined a gym to take our health and fitness to another level. But truthfully, I just wasn’t really a gym person I guess. I was never comfortable in there. Perhaps I’m too self conscious for my own good. However, I was also physically uncomfortable because that HVAC equipment in the gym wasn’t so good. My wife felt the same way. And yet, we kept going and it really did pay off. So when the pandemic hit, we weren’t too sad about the gym. We chose to have the HVAC company put a ductless heat pump in the basement and we made our own home gym. And we are so comfortable in there on many levels.



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