Not happy with fancy thermostat

My son asked me to stay at his house for the long weekend in order to babysit his dog.

The dog is very easy to care for, and I enjoy spending time with me.

Plus, my son’s house is absolutely gorgeous. He recently remodeled his kitchen and added the top-of-the-line appliances, including a touchless faucet and fully stocked wine fridge. He has a big screen television, surround sound and an inground swimming pool in the backyard. When I arrived, I saw that he’d recently upgraded his thermostat. The new device is ultra modern with a touchscreen and a long list of options. I decided it best not to mess with. I was worried I’d end up turning the air conditioning off entirely or maybe switch from cooling to heating. The only problem is that the air conditioner is definitely following some type of program. When I head to bed at night, the house feels overheated. Maybe the thermostat is raising the indoor temperature to conserve energy while everyone is sleeping. However, I can’t fall asleep or remain asleep when I’m sweating profusely. I sleep with no covers on and run the overhead ceiling fan on high speed. In the middle of the day, I can hear the air conditioner sending a great deal of freezing cold air from the vents. The house gets so cold that I put on my coat and wrap up in a blanket. I realize that his state-of-the-art central air conditioning system and smart thermostat are supposed to make the home more comfortable, but I’m not happy. I spend most of my time outside to get away from it.


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