Online Marketing business is great

My cousin Bill asked me who did my website and my online ads. I told them about the online SEO supplier that I had used. Bill said he had been looking at my website for my Heating and A/C contractor and he could not think how awesome it was. Bill had used an online website builder that was free to use and it only cost him $10 a month to maintain online. It didn’t want to tell him how to install banners or get custom graphics, which was something he wanted for his website. Bill said he had been looking for my website and he couldn’t think how self-explanatory it was to find. I went on my PC and there was no way I could find his website until he gave me the complete web address. I cringed when I looked at it. I told him what online SEO supplier I had used for my Heating and A/C contractor. All I did was filled out a form and tell them things about the contractor. The form was self-explanatory to follow and I was soon able to answer every question. I sent them the copies of the certification my Heating and A/C contractor had, and I even gave them all the other documentation that was necessary. Once I was done, the online SEO supplier set up the website, and they even gave me a free SMS provider, set me up with mailchimp, and they did quite a few online ads. I had ads running on just about every social maintenance website there was. Till I was done telling Bill everything my online SEO supplier had done for me, he was a convert. Bill took all the information and I even gave him the web address so that when he got home, he would get his plumbing supplier online.