Our furnace was working overtime

Our furnace was working overtime and making our house way too warm.

  • I came home from work one cool winter evening and was excited to spend some family time near our old wood furnace playing some card games, but when I got home, the house was much more than just warm, it was downright hot! I asked my wife what she had the thermostat set to and she said she had only set it at 68 degrees, but there was no way that the house was only at 68 degrees! I checked the thermostat and yes, it was indeed set at 68 degrees, but the actual temperature of the house was 83! I was horrified that it was so hot, and turned the set temperature way down, hoping it would cool the house to a normal temperature.

Later that evening, the house did cool down, but it was still pretty warm. We all went to bed in shorts and a t-shirt because it was still quite warm. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold, and got up to check the thermostat again. Apparently, the furnace decided to stop working altogether that night. When morning came I called the heating and cooling company and scheduled a time for an HVAC technician to come take a look at our old wood furnace. After the HVAC technician did his inspection on the furnace, he told me there was a lot of work to be done in order to get our furnace back into working condition. Luckily, we had been saving for years to get a new furnace and were ready to get it installed. We got a new oil furnace in our house and never had any heating or cooling problems since.

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