Our hotel’s air conditioning wasn’t working

We finally got to go to a concert for the first time in a year! Our favorite band was playing a venue about two hours away and so we decided to just stay in a hotel overnight instead of driving all the way home after the concert. After a long, hot night of loud, live music, we were really looking forward to getting back to our hotel so that we could sit back, have dinner, and enjoy the air conditioning in our hotel room. We were hot and sticky and covered in dust and mud from the outdoor concert, and nothing had ever sounded better than a shower followed by a night in front of the TV and the air conditioning system. We were really upset when we got into the room and realized that the air conditioning system was not working at all. We pushed all the buttons on the little in-room HVAC system, but nothing worked. We even unplugged it and plugged it back in again, thinking that maybe it would somehow reset the cooling system. When that didn’t work either, we called down to the front desk and reported to them that the A/C was broken in our room. We sat there, miserable and sweaty, until they finally sent up an HVAC maintenance guy. This guy didn’t exactly seem like the brightest guy, and we sat there watching him do all the things to the HVAC unit that we had already tried! We ended up having to move into a different room and it took forever. By the time we finally got settled in again, it was too late for a movie. Our night did not go according to plan, that’s for sure.

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